Age group
Autumn22 Walking Tennis Wed
Places Leisure Eastleigh, Eastleigh, SO50 9NL
Wed 2nd Nov–Wed 14th Dec | 12:00pm–1:00pm
Remaining sessions: 1 out of 7
£3.00 remaining programme (£3.00 × 1 session) per player
Coached by: J Costa

Love tennis but looking for a gentler pace of play? Walking Tennis is safe, fun and inclusive... a fantastic way to stay active! 

It’s a game that’s open to anyone - whether you’re a lifelong tennis player, a complete beginner or just need a bit more time to get into the swing of things, you can give the game a go in a supportive setting. 

You can play tennis at any age and Walking Tennis offers an easy way for older people to keep their body and mind active – while also enjoying the social side of being part of a tennis community.

Who can play?

Walking Tennis is for anyone that wants to play tennis, but at their own pace. It’s ideal for those who:

  • Are just starting out* and want to build up their confidence.
  • Are returning from an injury.
  • Just need a bit more time getting to the ball.

How do I play?

Walking Tennis has been designed to be accessible for all. It’s still tennis – but with a few tweaks:

  • You can let the ball bounce twice for extra time.
  • You can play on a smaller court and use modified equipment.
  • Players can’t run or jump
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